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Enable the people within your organisation to speak out safely.

The Ensos vision

Ensos is a new suite of digital apps, specifically designed to provide organisations with a safe, secure environment for all individuals to voice concerns, frustrations, raise awareness of risks, reputation issues and policy or compliance breaches.


In a nutshell

Our Ensos app enables open and honest communication, encourages behavioural change and provides those in senior positions with real-time spin free data and clear insight to their organisations health.

Ensos features

  • Customised fields, and categories and forms
  • Apple and Android Apps
  • 360° Insight Dashboard
  • Anonymous messaging and discussion with reveal function
  • Case management
  • Offline reporting
  • White label apps for branding and adoption
With high-grade 256 bit encryption. We maintain security and data protection in the cloud, built on top of AWS cloud infrastructure.

In the world today there is an increasing need for ethics and principles that underpin an organisation’s strategy and operation.

The choices and decisions made every day really matter. We should all feel confident in voicing our opinions and concerns, and in challenging behaviour which is inconsistent with the values and culture of an organisation. This is a key challenge for many organisations, businesses and individuals.

Speaking out safely enables a culture of honesty and transparency, and actively encourage an organisation to raise the concerns about observed potentially negative events and to provide protection when they do so.

Speaking out safely introduces a statutory duty to the workforce and executive to be positively responsive and supportive about overserved and reported events.

We believe speaking out is a multi-dimensional process of seeking positive outcomes from rigorous analysis, questioning, decision-making and activity on the basis of all relevant information and organisational values and objectives.

Our Philosophy of speaking out is a fundamental to all relationships and part of the individual and organisational identity and success, penetrating all areas and levels of an organisation. We believe speaking out is systemically linked to strategy, governance, operations, and external relations success. We do not believe speaking out is about telling people what to do.

We approach speaking out as a positive dynamic process – not a decision or project.

Speaking Out is a concrete endeavour

– not an isolated philosophical ideal, or theoretical initiative but a real world issue – your world’s issue. It is a positive, deliberate, process – not someone else’s problem but rather your opportunity.

What isn’t Speaking Out? Speaking Out is not about witch-hunting, or telling tales, or guaranteed results. It is a continuing process of discussing, reporting, addressing uncomfortable, uncertain, and unexpected issues that are observed and reported in organisations.

Speaking out touches every aspect of for-profit and non-profit organisations.

Speaking Out is essential to all relationships, your brand, reputation, and legacy – both personal and organisational.

Speaking Out is an essential complement to law and regulation.

Speaking Out mitigates contagion of unethical behaviour.

‘Speaking out offers many benefits to the organisation, workforce and customers, and key to:

Visibility and transparency of performance and conduct

Deterrent against poor conduct and illegal activities

Continuous improvement of products and services

Offering workforce a voice and sense of importance

Commitment to ensuring wellbeing, welfare, and safety

Demonstrating cultural maturity and openness to raise a concern without fear of reprisal

Speaking Out

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Experience complete transparency
with our insightful easy-to-use app.

The 360 Suite

CEO360, Ops360 and Care360 visibility at all levels to offer insight to target and stimulate well-being in your organisation.

In a nutshell

Our 360 Suite offers the opportunity to have greater confidence and awareness with fewer surprises.

360 Suite features

360 Suite provides real-time visibility of the events and the health of an organisation.  Increased executive and leadership awareness:

  • Real-time alerting
  • Secure mobile access and data storage
  • Intuitive focus
  • Understanding and analysis
  • Ability to ask questions
  • Seek and offer support

Keep your finger on the pulse.

We enable organisations to measure their vital signs and find out what’s really going on.

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