Enable your students and staff to raise concerns and protect them when they do.

ENSOS in Universities

Universities are becoming aware of problems such as sexual misconduct and hate crime on campus, which could effect both their students and staff.

Ensos is a safe and secure platform which enables students and staff to speak out with optional anonymity. 

Ensos enables speaking out successfully in your university.

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Why is Ensos needed within your university?

The issue of not speaking out against harassment, abuse, hate crimes etc. in universities is a nation-wide problem which needs to be addressed.

With many high profile cases of hate crimes and sexual misconduct within in news, students want to know they will be protected by their university if any of these incidences arise. New and perspective students will also be looking out for universities who take their student’s safety seriously.


Previous research into speaking out in universities

Research looking into speaking out within universities around sexual assault, campaign group Revolt Sexual Assault and The Student Room found that 70% of female students and 26% of male students experienced sexual assault or harassment or both while studying.


Our Research into speaking out in universities

We conducted a workshop with past, present and future university students to understand what they believed was needed within universities and to research into how universities are supporting students who need to speak out.

Out of this large amount only 6% of students stated that they reported the incident to the university.

And only 2% of those who experienced sexual assault or harassment reported it to their university and were satisfied with the process.

We found that most universities use an online reporting form for raising concerns and talking about incidences of sexual misconduct and hate crime. These forms usually focus on detailed information such as gender, ethnicity and age.


The students we talked to agreed that this would make them less likely to raise a concern as it makes them feel like the university just wants their data rather than wanting to help them.

We are conducting a short survey surrounding speaking out in universities.

If you are a student / staff within a university please take our short survey below.

What does Ensos offer you?

Enable the people within your organisation to speak out safely.

The Ensos vision

Ensos is a new suite of digital apps, specifically designed to provide universities with a safe, secure environment for students and staff to voice concerns, frustrations, raise awareness of risks, reputation issues and policy or compliance breaches.


In a nutshell

Our Ensos app enables open and honest communication, encourages behavioural change and provides those in senior positions with real-time spin free data and clear insight to their organisations health.

Ensos features

  • Customised fields, and categories and forms
  • Apple and Android Apps
  • 360° Insight Dashboard
  • Anonymous messaging and discussion with reveal function
  • Case management
  • Offline reporting
  • White label apps for branding and adoption
With high-grade 256 bit encryption. We maintain security and data protection in the cloud, built on top of AWS cloud infrastructure.

Steps to take

The diagrams outline high level steps required for an open culture in terms of Policy, Systems, Structure and Culture. The corporate culture is the foundation that determines the success of the other three areas.


Open, transparent, encourage and rewarding intervention. Ongoing awareness and training


Ensuring clear separation between oversight and management. Tiered reporting of issues. High level to board, bypass management.


Clear avenues for reporting, fairly handled, independent to avoid bias, follow up with reporter, take action and enforce policy.


Harassment free policy with no retaliation

Who we are

Andrew Millward-Boyton


  • Unique background in relational psychology, consulting and IT.
  • Driven by a passion to understand people’s relationship and organisational health.
  • Ambition is to make a positive impact in organisations by removing confusion and uncertainty of relationships by providing the tools and know-how needed to regain control.


(This is a fictitious story created by our workshop.)

During freshers week last year Jasmine was sexually assaulted in her student halls. After a party where she drank too much, she passed out and woke up in the morning with one of her flat mates in her bed. They both had no clothes on and Jasmine felt incredibly sore. Jasmine felt violated and didn’t know what to do.

She didn’t want anyone to find out and asked to move halls. She was always scared of bumping into him as they had lectures in the same building and has constantly been looking over her shoulder.

She didn’t achieve the grades she wanted during her first year and only just made the requirements to make it into her second year. She hasn’t been able to gain any close friends while at University and has kept this to herself for over a year.

Someone in Jasmine’s course showed her a table kept by the rugby club in which they keep track of girls they have slept with which states that Liam slept with Jasmine.

During talks within her first week back she was made aware of Ensos and the importance of speaking out, this has given her the confidence to make the first step in reaching out for help and support.

A new Vice Chancellor was recently appointed. He chose to use Ensos within the university as he understands the need for anonymity and a two-way dialogue.

He has also set up a Dignity and Respect team, to help support students and staff that want to speak out. The team is made up of staff from across the university that have been trained in dealing with the subjects matters that they could encounter and know how to support these individuals who do speak out.

Catherine works as a part time law lecturer. She is passionate about fairness and justice and wants to support students who speak out. She was headhunted by the new Vice Chancellor to be part of the new Dignity and Respect team within the University and respond to students with concerns surrounding sexual harassment and assault.

As a trained Dignity and Respect officer Catherine has received Jasmine’s anonymous concern.

Through conversation Jasmine and Catherine were able to build a relationship of trust. 

Jasmine felt like she could open up and Catherine was able to support and signpost her to get the help she needed.

Above is an interview with the character Jasmine.

The interview is set after she has used Ensos to communicate with Catherine.

In the interview Jasmine expresses her views on speaking out while at university.

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This case study video follows Sarah, a girl who has witnessed her friend bullying another student and using racist language against him. Sarah uses Ensos to reach out to her Safeguarding Officer, Claire. They then use Ensos to build a relationship of trust in which Sarah feels confident to voice her concerns face to face.

A case study video showcasing how Ensos is used within an education setting. The video focuses on a student who is worried that her friend has been forced to marry an older man. Ensos is used to connect her with the Safeguarding Officer in her school and relevant action to be taken.

A case study video showcasing how Ensos is used within an education setting. The video focuses on a student who is worried that her friend has been forced to marry an older man. Ensos is used to connect her with the Safeguarding Officer in her school and relevant action to be taken.

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