1TW’s diversity and equalities statement

One Team Working (1TW) promotes an active engagement with difference and therefore seeks to provide a framework for positive sustainable relationships that allows competing and diverse ideas and perspectives on what it means to be human to be considered, respected and valued.

1TW is committed to addressing issues of prejudice and discrimination in relation to the mental well-being, political belief, gender and gender identity, sexual preference or orientation, disability, marital or partnership status, race, nationality, ethnic origin, heritage identity, religious or spiritual identity, age or socio-economic class of individuals and groups.

1TW keeps its policies and procedures under review in order to ensure that the realities of discrimination, exclusion, oppression and alienation that may form part of the experience of its registrants as well as of their clients are addressed appropriately. 1TW seeks to ensure that it’s consultancy, support and technology is utilised in the service of the celebration of human difference and diversity, and that at no time is consultancy, support and technology used as a means of coercion or oppression of any group or individual.


Published Version: 1.0

Published Date: 01/05/2018