Ensos in the NHS

Ensos in the NHS

By looking into the history and response in regard to speaking out within the NHS, it helps to highlight the role Ensos plays in supporting the NHS and it’s safeguarding policies through FTSU and National Guardian. One of the most prominent historical cases, in regard to speaking out within the NHS, happened at Stafford Hospital in the late 2000’s, after the rise of concerns regarding the poor care and mortality rates amongst patients. A key issue that presented itself within this incident was that there wasn’t a singular safe platform where staff could report any issues. This led to the Trust not being able to see the whole picture and the extent of the problems that were presenting themselves. The inquiry into the avoidable deaths at Stafford Hospital, chaired by Sir Robert Francis QC made 290 recommendations for change within the NHS.

As a result of recommendations from Sir Robert Francis QC, The National Guardian office was created to support whistleblowers in the NHS and improve reporting culture. All NHS Trusts and Foundation Trusts are required to nominate a Freedom to Speak Up Guardian by NHS contract. A guardian is now in place in every trust in the country and over 530 individuals playing an active part of delivering the Freedom to Speak Up agenda.

Ensos creates a single safe space in which staff within the NHS know they can be easily connected with their appointed FTSU Guardian within their Trust, to raise a concern or discuss an issue. It helps enable communication through starting conversations around matters and concerns within the work environment, which some staff members wouldn’t usually feel confident enough to voice. Staff who are usually less confident know that through Ensos, their issues can be discussed with anonymity, with an option to reveal later if they feel fit. Giving the Trust a broader overview while supporting staff members individual needs. Ensos creates an easy to use platform in which policies and actions highlighted by The National Guardian Office and the FTSU review, can be played out and managed easily and effectively. By adopting Ensos, Trusts can make sure their staff have a professional, safe space to voice their concerns and active change can be made for positive improvement.


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