Music Industry

Music Industry

Universal Music Publishing Group 2013

In the Californian West Coast offices of Universal Publishing Music Group (UPMG), an anonymous 41 year old female African American security guard filed a labour lawsuit due to an alleged hostile working environment and rampant illegal drug use. She claimed to have witnessed names such as Adam Levine, Macy Gray and T.I partaking in drug use or being with drug paraphernalia on property of the offices. Further, she was subjected to racial slurs from artists and made uncomfortable from things such as condoms plastering the bathroom floors, bras hung in the studio and people passed out in studio’s showers after partying and drug use. The guard felt “torn between her professional integrity and losing her job”, when it came to raising concerns. Whenever she complained, her objections were laughed off and no changes were made. Once she made a formal written complaint, she received a phone call two days letter delivering the news that she was then suspended. She seeked protection under California’s whistle-blowing statute and alleging discrimination, retaliation, being subject to unsafe working conditions, harassment, infliction of emotional distress and more.


Ensos: A particular issue in this scenario, is her career was risked simply because she spoke out on something she felt was unjust. Ensos would be able to help to provide an outlet to discuss the issue, through an outlet that does not put her endanger her professional life. If her superior figures are disregarding her complaints of a hospitable working environment, then Ensos can help her to raise the issue to higher ups to resolve it without her being shut down for it. Being able to talk anonymously adds an extra level of comfort to the situation. Dealing with prolific celebrities can be intimidating, artists may be upheld in a position of power and not held as accountable for their actions. With Ensos, she could talk with someone about her concerns and report the problem without worrying about a damaged reputation or if people will listen to her.

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