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Join a network where speaking out safely is recognised as key to achieving the highest state of security, integrity and ethics within your organisation.

To create a world leading cloud-based company that enables speaking out safely within organisations.



One team together

In our experience, the most powerful strategy for 21st-century business is to create and inspire leaders and teams to think and behave as one team that achieves success together.

With our unique background in applied relational psychology, we use business experience to stimulate real cultural change in the workplace.

Smart thinking

Here at One Team Working we recognise the need to enable people to speak out safely with  confidence and the option of complete anonymity.

Our easy-to-use flagship app, Ensos, answers this need and will help create and maintain positive change within your organisation. Discover more about Ensos.

Positive reporting

We are passionate about the integrity of organisations and active reputational risk prevention.
1TW is actively developing a network of organisations where a positive reporting culture and speaking out safely is recognised as key to achieving the highest state of integrity and ethics.

 We understand organisational

For organisations to thrive, there is a fundamental need to understand and respond to levels of:
  • alignment with the vision and values
  • alignment with one common purpose/objective
  • communication, collaboration, and care
  • vitality and commitment that achieves success
  • vulnerabilities
  • the trust held by the workforce, suppliers and customers
  • working environments
  • recognition of achievement
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Andrew Millward-Boyton.

I’m the  CEO and founder of One Team Working. Driven by a passion to understand people’s relationship with each other and the need for greater organisational health.


My vision is to revolutionise organisational wellbeing and stimulate positive cultural change in organisations using innovative technology. My ambition is to make a positive in people’s lives by taking away any confusion or uncertainty of relationships in organisations with it by giving them the tools needed to get back into the driver’s seat.

Keep your finger on the pulse.

We enable organisations to measure their vital signs and find out what’s really going on.

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